Nonsurgical Body Sculpting in Palm Springs, CA

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What Is Nonsurgical Body Sculpting?

Even with long hours at the gym and strict dieting, sometimes stubborn fat can remain, especially around the belly, hips, thighs, and buttocks. That's why at JPO Aesthetics in Palm Springs, CA, we offer the latest nonsurgical body sculpting technology to help our patients sculpt, tone, and slim those trouble spots. Using the cutting-edge PHYSIQ by Cartessa™, Dr. Jeff Olson and his experienced team of aesthetic technicians can safely and effectively reduce fat and tone muscle to achieve a slimmer, more defined look. Call us today to learn more about nonsurgical body sculpting with PHYSIQ and schedule a private consultation.

How Nonsurgical Body Sculpting Works

Nonsurgical body sculpting with the PHYSIQ machine works by using STEP (sequential thermal and electrical pulse) technology. This simply means that using heat energy and electrical pulses, we can safely and effectively melt the underlying layers of fat while simultaneously stimulating the muscle. This is able to accomplish two things at once: eliminating fat while toning the muscle beneath it. The special application pads don't require messy gels or lotions and keep the surface of the skin at a safe, comfortable heat level. They can be applied to any area, such as the thighs, hips, buttocks, stomach, or any problem area, you want to address. With nonsurgical body sculpting using the next generation PHYSIQ technology, you can see better results quicker without invasive surgeries, and best of all — no downtime.

Sculpt Your Body For A New Look

With nonsurgical body sculpting using PHYSIQ by Cartessa, you can achieve the toned, slimmed look you want in less time than ever. If you're in the Palm Springs, CA area and are ready to sculpt a new body, call JPO Aesthetics today. Let's talk about how we can create your new leaner look, and schedule your personal consultation with Dr. Olson.

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