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Supplements in Los Angeles

As a part of his focus to provide the best service and patient care possible, Dr. Jeffrey Olson offers Omaprem supplements for his patients. This high quality nutrition supplement is the only one of its kind to contain 30 essential fatty acids, including the two fatty acids commonly found in fish oil supplements. Omaprem boasts 25 years of research and more than 30 clinical studies to back the health benefits of the product. These benefits include:

  • Healthy cell membranes
  • Improved function of the heart and brain
  • Joint health and increased mobility
  • Lower risk of heart attack
  • Prevention of plaque deposits in the arteries
  • Healthy triglyceride levels

Omaprem offers the highest concentration of fatty acids in a single nutrition supplement. The supplement offers benefits to nearly everyone, but the dosing must be determined and monitored by Dr. Olson to ensure patients enjoy optimal benefits from Omaprem. To learn more about this unique product or place an order for your own supplement, contact JPO Aesthetics at 424-652-6576.

The first and only professional whitening pen, offers consumers convenient, professional and affordable teeth whitening. Liquid Smile is easy to apply, takes less than one minute, contains the most powerful dosage of hydrogen peroxide -12% which is 3x stronger than any other paint-on whitener, and fits into your evening routine of brushing before bedtime.

The neutral pH gel is manufactured using the purest ingredients. our Hydrogen Peroxide formula is 4X faster than carbamide whiteners. The O2 bubbles begin to remove stain molecules from your teeth almost instantly.
All flavors are mild in order to minimize salivation. Liquid Smile merges some of the most popular soda flavors in America — Cola, Root beer, Lemon Lime and Mint, with the number one requested dental and cosmetic procedure.


  • No clumsy strips
  • No awkward trays
  • No gimmicky lights
  • No pain


The most important elements in tooth whitening are: A strong dose of hydrogen peroxide, no sensitivity, and patient compliance. Liquid Smile’s unique formulation, applicator, and common sense approach to whitening, will give you the best results — painlessly!

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