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Eyelash Regrowth in Los Angeles

Long, luscious lashes framing the eyes is a feature most women desire. Unfortunately, some women suffer from a condition known as hypotrichosis or insufficient eyelashes. The good news is there is a treatment available for hypotrichosis today, a prescription medication known as bimatoprost ophthalmic solution and sold under the commercial name Latisse.

Latisse is a topical solution applied to the eyelid daily to promote the growth of longer, thicker eyelashes. The solution is thought to work by extending the growth period for lashes and increasing the number of lashes that sprout. Most patients will see positive results within two months of daily Latisse use and the results will continue as long as the solution is applied regularly. Latisse is available by prescription and can be applied at home. The prescription includes a special applicator to place the solution along the upper eyelid. It should not be used on the lower lids. If the solution gets on other areas of the skin, it could promote hair growth in that area. Latisse is an effective way to grow the long, lush lashes you have always wanted. To learn more about this prescription medication, contact JPO Aesthetics at 424-652-6576. FAQ: Side effects?  Pretty rare – this is very well tolerated – but can include redness, itching, mild swelling which usually resolve.  A very rare incidence (<1%) of increased brown pigmentation of the iris, the colored part of the eye which is likely permanent. Eyelid skin darkening may occur and may be reversible. How long do I need to use the prescription?  As long as you still desire longer lashes!  However, some people can start using an every other day application after the initial 3-4 month “loading” phase.

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